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Letters from Zeynep: A Butterfly Landing

Dear friends, I hope you are all in soft landing these days, whatever it is you are landing on to - j

Letters from Zeynep

July 15 · Issue #24 · View online
Weekly letters that nurture you to find everyday wellness.

Dear friends,
I hope you are all in soft landing these days, whatever it is you are landing on to - joys, sorrows, busyness, emptiness, panic, or calm. I share below a small story I wrote about a month ago that might accompany you and make you feel a little less alone.
If you’re interested in learning mindfulness with me or you know anyone who is, these are the last few days to register to my course starting next week. All info down below.
With love, as always,

The weather is different. The sun is different. Here, the sky is different. Instead of closely standing Parisian buildings, my eyes trace up the shapes of mountains to the sky. My nose smells different roses every day. 
My mind, my computer, my books, my phone, my many worlds of creation… They all came with me here - the ones I could bring at least. But the texture of my days is different.
Not more than 48 hours ago, I couldn’t wait to finally touch my feet to grass. Now, standing at that line between cement and grass, I hesitate to take off my shoes. My toes still haven’t said hello to that prickly, tingling, grounding sensation. 
I don’t know what’s taking me so long, but I’m allowing it to. I was that kid that rushed to the beach and then took a full day to jump in and get wet. The collision of different worlds - dry/wet, concrete/grass - has always been a thing for me. And this may be the first time in my self-parenting that I’m fully allowing that.
What helps is knowing that I’m not alone. It’s not just me coming out of a cocoon these days, maybe only to build new ones. We are all having to adjust: a painstakingly slow deconfinement (Paris), a sudden and unplanned deconfinement after not really being confined (Istanbul), a sad and uncertain continuum of confinement (Ireland).
The world started moving.
The mind is asking: What about my cocoon? I was safe here. I was comfortable. I was sleeping more than I usually do. I was exercising more. I was reading more. I was with a few people I dearly love. I was finally away from the chaos. Now I need to find a job, I need to drive again, no one’s wearing masks.
I hear you, mind, I say. As the pandemic started, we went through a collective feeling of loss. As the rules of the pandemic evolve, we thought we would gain things back but most of us are still losing (a sense of safety in the world) or grieving over what already was.

I walked out to the garden yesterday, in between Zoom calls. I was tired from looking at screens. I was tired from the long car ride the day before. There was a buzz in my head, my eyelids were heavy, I felt I was moving at the speed of a snail. I arrived at the chair next to the pool and sat down, putting the full weight of my body on the chair, putting my phone next to me on the chair, my elbow on my knee, my forehead in my hand. 
Something landed next to me suddenly. A breath of air. A flicker of color. I looked around in my startle.
It was a butterfly.
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Small Gifts 🎁
Here are some things that warmed my heart or brightened my day lately:
  • Barcelona Opera giving a concert to 2292 plants 🌳 Link
  • Polyamorous relationships acknowledged and granted rights in Massachusetts City 👩‍❤️‍👨 Link
  • An interview with Zadie Smith on shame, rage and writing 📝 Link
  • Trauma-sensitive practices for Zoom / video conferencing by Dr David Treleaven 💻 Link
  • The concept of sankalpa from yoga, which means setting a deep intention for your heart ❤️ Link
  • Some examples of sankalpa’s you could set for your heart 💕 Link
  • The moving story of A.T. Ariyaratne, who is is considered the Ghandi of Sri Lanka, and his 500-year peace plan ☮️ Link
  • Advice from Gretchen Rubin on quitting books you don’t love reading 📚Link
Thank You ❤️
Thank you for reading! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with your comments or questions, share how you are doing, or share what has been lifting your spirits.
With love and care,
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