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Letters from Zeynep - Issue #1

Dear friend, I hope you had a calm, loving and grateful holiday season! The French countryside gave m

Letters from Zeynep

January 2 · Issue #1 · View online
Weekly letters that nurture you to find everyday wellness.

Dear friend,
I hope you had a calm, loving and grateful holiday season! The French countryside gave me the chance to nurture an idea I’ve had for a while. Here I am sending my first newsletter.
I hope you will bear with me as I find my footing. I hope you will find something in it for you. I hope you will share with others. And most of all, I hope you will send me feedback so that I can make these letters better. I’d love to know you liked or didn’t, what you agreed or disagreed with.

What I've been writing about
I set out to give my first mindfulness workshop. I first had to accept all my resentments & fears. Then, I ended up (re)gaining some confidence, selling more than zero tickets (yes!) and learning a few things about marketing. Read more
A friend is going through a break up. Break ups can be heavy… I’ve been on a quest for lightness the past few years. I asked: Are we light when we spend less time being heavy? Are we light when we hold our heaviness with lightness? Read more
A huge part of my journey towards a purpose driven life and entrepreneurship has been me asking “Am I trying to do too much?” I picked up the book Essentialism hoping I’d find an answer. Read more
What I've been captivated by
Last week I was reading on creating an audience before creating a business, and I came across Basecamp. Their blog Signal v. Noise got them an amazing audience which then helped them build their product. I am completely obsessed with Basecamp. They are yet to take a stance I don’t agree with. I naturally binged (again) on all their amazing content. These guys choose making profit over capital investments. They see life as a continuum rather than a set of goals. They say no to open office. They work remote and embrace distractions. They explain why group chat is delightful AND horrifying. They claim crazy CEOs create crazy work cultures. Their initial intentions as well as where they ended are great starting points for anyone looking to build a company one day.  
I also binged on The School of Life. Learning about attachment styles helps me remember that the problems in my relationships may be behavioral patterns I learned in childhood rather than unchangeable character flaws. Watch this video to see if you have a secure, anxious or avoidant attachment style and how this could be affecting your relationships. I think I am becoming more and more secure over the years but still am super anxiously attached in certain contexts. The first thoughts I jump to can be that I am not loved or wanted. And a lot of my relationships have been with men with avoidant styles, which they claim is the most challenging match, as well as the most difficult relationship to end. I attest. Plus, attachment styles don’t only influence our personal life. Some work problems can have something to do with it.
I also loved these reflections on why we are mean to those we love, why we pick difficult partners, and the impact of early emotional neglect. My partner and I have Sunday talks where we bring in topics to learn together, practice extreme listening, revisit our contract or raise issues we’d like to raise. I’m planning to bring these videos to our next session.
Don’t forget to send me your thoughts, comments and wishes! May the new year go easy on you.
With love and light,
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